fresh start

I've always been a creative compartmentalizer, and in web contexts this has meant keeping multiple sites in the attempt to separate professional and personal realms. 

For 12 years I kept a site called uncapitalized, a place with writing that wasn't really a blog, a record of books read, and increasingly photographs. And over time, less writing, and then less photographs — impressively the booklog kept going, though my dedication to writing thoughtful entries definitely had some lows in there. In the meantime I created a separate portfolio site for design work, which then featured uncapitalized since it was a great example of the web design and development I was capable of doing.

Lately I've become less attached to the division of What I Do for Work and What I Do for My Own Entertainment, and I'm just too curious to pigeonhole my interests onto teams. This site is attempt to create a flexible space to contain What I Do — whatever that may be.

I'm also using a fully-hosted, templated system, rather than building something from scratch, because the tools available now make it so much easier to create sites that are instantly adaptable, responsive, and secure, even if it means giving up some visual control. Special thanks goes to my friend Marissa for inspiring me with creative chats and her lovely, recently relaunched

Please note that the booklog will point to its place on uncapitalized for now, as it will take some extra work to migrate it over to live here.