decisive moments

I collected this group of photos last fall, when I was thinking along the lines of Henri Cartier-Bresson’s idea of the “decisive moment” in photography, less in the sense of anxiously capturing a perfect image and more in the sense of pausing a moment before it passes. Something about the various lights at Smith and 9th this day made me feel that kind of pause.

Last fall, the Kentile sign appeared secure in its place in the Brooklyn skyline, but a couple weeks ago scaffolding went up around it, and the news rippled out that the owner planned to demolish it. While a community outcry ensured the sign itself would be kept as it was dismantled, it's hard to imagine its significance being equal installed in another location. Its position directly alongside the F train's brief mid-Brooklyn jaunt over the Gowanus and its survival for so many years after the company's demise (due to the use of asbestos in their products) are mostly what made it so interesting and Instagrammable.

As for the other photos: